The Game

“Stella Save Us!” Is a 2D single player adventure game featuring beautiful pixelated art that seeks to raise awareness about the importance of protecting the environment, flora, fauna, natural sanctuaries and various protected areas, through an entertaining crossing around the world.

Join Stella, our protagonist, and her faithful friend “Driver” on an adventure trip through different parts of the world, register through photos the evidence that shows the deterioration of our ecosystems and the respective environmental consequences.

Help us to stop the true intentions of the “Corporation T” by defending and recovering natural areas, creating new technologies and participating in different humanitarian support and disaster activities.

Together we can do this!


Fun mini-games

Dynamic, fun and diverse mini-games that will allow you to enjoy a love letter to classic games like Mario Party and WarioWare, where the gameplay can always surprise you with twin-stick shooters, platformers, side-scrollers, boss fights and more.


You will have an ecological vehicle called "Eco-Veh" designed by the assistant, equipped with multiple devices suitable for each type of challenge that our character faces.

Crafting system

With the help of your skilled assistant and a few materials, you will be able to create new technologies like tools, car augments, new perks, etc. With crafting tables that will be located in update rooms, depending on the type of technology you want to create.

Your own green garden

Plant your garden, collect materials and get energy for your vehicle, which will allow you to go to missions if you have enough bio-fuel.


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